What options do you have when looking for components for Dacia ?

OEM OES OE import export

OEM OES OE import export

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer that specializes in the production of affordable compact cars. The company was founded in 1966 and currently has production facilities in Romania, Russia, Iran, Egypt and South Africa.
Until 2009, Dacia only produced cars with a manual transmission, with an air-cooled engine mounted at the rear of the vehicle. In the same year, they began producing cars with a new automatic transmission mounted on the front of the car, which reduced maintenance costs and extended service periods. Because of this change in their design, some models are relatively rare as they only have limited production numbers.

When it comes to parts for your Dacia, do you have two options: original parts or replacements?

Original parts and spare parts in every car there are many elements, which may wear out over time or require replacement. Replacement parts generally refer to non-original parts that are not manufactured by the original manufacturer but are similar in quality, appearance or function. Original parts refer to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts that come directly from the manufacturer himself. Such parts include, among others, air filters, oils and lubricants, which will be discussed in detail below.

There are more than 20 Dacia models available across Europe, and each one offers something slightly different than the previous one. However, there are a few things to know before buying Dacia.
The used car market is flooded with cheap Dacia cars. If you are thinking of buying a used Dacia, be sure to check the mileage and service history, if available. Once you’ve shopped around and found the right car for you, we can help you find all the right parts to keep your new acquisition running smoothly for many years to come.

Over the past few years, the company has gained popularity throughout Europe, and for good reason – their models are well designed and have a great quality-to-price ratio. However, as with any car brand, the time may come, when Will you need to buy Dacia parts, to keep your car in good shape. Whether it is an original part or a replacement depends on your vehicle and the problem you are facing. If you have an original part that has broken down or is not working properly, then you will need to buy a new part.

Let’s compare-spare parts for Dacia original

When a car needs major repairs, it often happens that we exceed the budget. The cost of parts and labor make up a significant part of the expenses. Many people choose to buy used parts for their cars, especially Dacia. However, some are worried about how much they will pay for original parts for their cars, so they prefer to use cheaper parts from the aftermarket instead. Before you replace your original Dacia parts with replacements, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of both of these solutions to make an informed decision.

export of spare parts

export of spare parts

Car parts replacement and original – What do the expenses look like?

Many people consider many options before buying parts for their car. We often do not realize what affects the price of parts and what distinguishes spare parts from the original. Here are a few reasons for which spare parts can be better than the originalh

  • availability
  • price
  • ease of purchase
  • online delivery
import of spare parts

import spare parts

The issue of automotive parts standards for Dacia.

export OE parts OES OEM

export OE parts OES OEM

Whether you buy Dacia parts online, do you personally want to make sure that you get high quality parts. High quality parts should meet safety and quality standards should be of the highest quality. Even if they are new and unoriginal, unoriginal parts may or may not be identical to those originally manufactured. The car manufacturer may not produce these parts because np no longer produces these types of vehicles. To sum up, if you are looking to replace parts for your Dacia with new ones rather than original ones, you may not always get something suitable for your vehicle. It all depends on many factors. Knowing the advantages of spare parts in addition to those already listed can convince you to give up buying them. However, the decision is yours and you have to decide where to buy the car parts.

Replacements for original auto parts-pros

Dacia parts stores offer replacements manufactured by a company other than the original manufacturer of the vehicle brand. Many people believe that used or refurbished vehicle parts are the only spare parts, but this is not true. Yes, if the parts are used, they certainly come from other cars. In addition, the quality of spare parts has improved greatly over the past few years. That’s why many car owners are starting to choose these inexpensive and efficient options when browsing the Dacia parts online store.

Many people choose internet Auto Parts store for your Dacia parts over their original counterparts due to lower costs. Choosing OEM type spare parts is another benefit as it gives us more options when looking for parts. Also, we don’t have to settle for exactly what the original manufacturer provides; instead, we can get a better replacement. In general, it all depends on what you need, you need to set your goal and Budget and then look for a solution.

spare parts OE OES OEM

spare parts OE OES OEM

Spare parts for vehicles for Dacia-defects

Despite all advantages of buying directly from a Dacia Auto Parts store, many people still prefer to do this online. Customers are usually very interested in purchasing spare parts from a supplier with high quality, wide choice and low cost. When choosing a spare part, you always have to reckon with the consequences, it is also important not to miss other issues that affect the decision. In this case, the topic is warranty and other issues.

export original parts

export original parts

In addition to mentioning the high quality that we have already talked about, we recall it again, because it does not it is always a sure thing when buying car parts. You can also find matching parts that are incompatible with the vehicle, as well as those that are of poor quality. Since there are so many alternatives to choose from, you need to be careful and make sure that you purchase the right part. You should consider the offers offered by car dealers with original Dacia parts at a higher price if you are not sure that they fit your car.

The guarantee mentioned earlier – may be a defect of spare parts. The manufacturer usually offers a warranty on the original parts to indicate their reliability, sometimes along with some type of buyer protection. Because replacements don’t always come with warranties (though not always), some people may choose to purchase new parts from the manufacturer.

Car parts for Dacia-New Or Used?

Critical decision between new and used car parts is a topic that will be of particular concern to you if you buy parts directly from the manufacturer. In car repair, you are often faced with a difficult choice between new and used car parts formats. When buying car parts, the option of buying new parts is not always the best option. Are you aware that there are pros and cons to both new and used car parts?

import OE parts OES OEM

import OE parts OES OEM

Advantages of choosing used car parts – disadvantages of new ones

The main advantage of buying used car parts for Dacia is, of course, the lower cost. Used parts are usually cheaper than new ones, but not always, because this does not apply to old vehicles – but not all – in our opinion. With a tight budget and an urgent need to take advantage of the automotive parts market, this can be a decisive factor. In any case, you might think that used car parts for Dacia come with environmental benefits. If you care about protecting the environment, buying used parts instead of new ones can be one of many options. Many car parts can be recycled, but this does not mean that many of them do not end up in a landfill. By purchasing used parts for your Dacia, your decision will help eliminate this waste.

It is also worth mentioning that buying used Dacia parts is simple. This is especially crucial for cars that are no longer produced, for which even the manufacturer refuses to produce parts. If your vehicle is no longer in production, it will be much easier to find used Dacia parts in a car shop or scrap yard than new ones.

Pros of spare parts:

1. Replacement parts are cheaper than original parts.

2. Replacement parts are more readily available than original parts.

3. Replacement parts may be of better quality than the original parts.

4. Original parts can be difficult to find for older or less popular car models . 5 .Installing spare parts may void your car’s warranty

Cons of spare parts:

1. Parts may not be compatible A: one of the biggest dangers of using spare parts is that they may not be compatible with your car. If you’re unlucky, some may not fit at all. Even if it fits, it may not work properly. Incompatible parts can cause a variety of problems, from reduced performance to security risks.

2. Parts may be of lower quality: Another disadvantage of spare parts is that they are often of lower quality than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is because OEMs have to meet strict standards set by car manufacturers, while aftermarket manufacturers usually don’t have to follow the same standards. This means that there is a greater chance that the replacement part will break down or wear out faster than the OEM part.

3) Higher cost: One of the biggest drawbacks of spare parts is that they are usually more expensive than the original parts. This is because they are manufactured by third-party manufacturers, not the car company itself. As a result, there is no economies of scale and prices are often inflated. 2. Lower quality: in addition to being more expensive, spare parts are also typically lower quality than original parts. This is because they are not subject to the same stringent quality control standards as the original parts. As a result, they may not fit as well or last as long as their counterparts.

4). Installation difficulties: Another con of using spare parts is that they can sometimes be difficult to install. This is because they may not fit perfectly into your car, and so you may need to make a few modifications to get them to work properly.

5). Risk of failure: There is also a risk that the replacement part will fail earlier than the original part would. This means that you can get stuck on the side of the road or pay for expensive repairs if a key element fails while driving.

What are the advantages of new parts in the context of the minuses of used ones?

passenger car parts

personal car parts

The benefits of buying used Dacia parts in a Parts store are obvious. In addition to the advantages listed above, the used part of the Dacia can only be covered by a limited warranty. On the other hand, buying a new part from a Parts store will give you much more long-term protection. In addition, when buying used parts, you may be forced to replace them sooner rather than later if the need arises. Despite their lower prices, the automotive store supplying used car parts for Dacia provides parts that are just as good or better than New. If the time comes to replace the vehicle, you can use the money saved on repairs.

parts for passenger cars

parts for passenger cars

If you are faced with the dilemma of choosing the part used to replace the part in your Dacia, which has already been withdrawn from production, you will have to think carefully about whether the part in question is still available or not, how important its function in the car is, and whether the original version is still produced by the manufacturer. However, it should always be remembered that buying a new part is always worse for the environment than buying a used part – and this can be the deciding factor. In many aspects of their lives, those who care about “going green” are particularly aware of this.

Other spare parts for Dacia OEM OES OE import export

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